Vintage vs. New Synths
Create your beats your way!

The Best Of Both Worlds

Whether you take advantage of our vintage synthesizers, such as the Roland Super JX or Korg Triton-rack, or our awesome 808 drum kits in NI Battery or outside the box in our Roland TD-8 or Boss DR-660, we have the drum sounds you need to create the most modern beats.. 

The Best Loops

Ableton Live 9 or Kontakt 5

You can create virtually any loop using the best sequencers.

Synth Guitar

We also have a really cool Roland-Ready Fender Stratocaster with a factory installed G2KA midi synthesizer pickup. You can track the famous Stratocaster sound simultaneously with one or as many synth modules as you can muster in a single take. It really is an amazing experience and you'll get sounds you just can't come up with any other way.


We don't stock a ton of pedals ( most guitarists bring their own favorites), but we have a good variety, including the wonderful wash of the Maestro Phaser (think Led Zepplin and Yes), the T.C. Electronic Stereo Chorus/Flanger, and Buddha Budwah. Most use our amazing array of rack effects (see below).


One of our best sounds is accomplished using our rare outboard Roland Dimension D, arguably the best and most lush stereo chorus ever made, and then into either our Eventide H8000 or T.C. Electronics M3000 reverbs. This is the bass sound they use in heaven.

Drums and More Drums

In addition to the full Abby Road and Session Drum kits found in Komplete 9, we also have Superior Drummer 2 from toontrack. For the most realistic drums, latin percussion, and performances, these kits will serve you perfectly.

Grooves and More Grooves

We literally have thousands of grooves using Toontrack libraries, Groove Monkee libraries, and various loops and libraries. No matter what the genre or style, we have something to cover you.

Drums SuperTracking

We'll take your existing tracks and beef them up with samples or various dynamics and EQ. Our magic box is the four channel SPL Transient Designer. This box has two knobs, Attack and Sustain. We can remove reverb or ambience (yes it really does that) or add that Hip-Hop boom to your kick, snap to your snare, or top to your toms.

We can also do your overdubs right in the recording room. We'll set up a great array of microphones, including a nice pair of Earthworks QTC-1 overheads, record, and submix through any of the above listed options. We'll work with you to create a great kit and mix.