Stoneman Studios has an ambience and vibe that fosters creativity and keeps the energy alive in sessions, long and short. Read below for details about the control and recording rooms..


Control Room

Stoneman Studios San Francisco Bay Area Recording Studio control room

Stoneman Studios San Francisco Bay Area Recording Studio control room

Our control room features the latest state-of-the-art hardware and software as well as some very unique boutique vintage equipment.  The 30" Dell display paired with two 19" sharp panels and a Lorex video feed monitor give our engineers and producers full access to what is going on in a session.

Our sound monitoring system is very sophisticated, featuring studio standards such as the Bryston 4B stereo amplifier, Yamaha NS10 monitors, a Signature 2001 surround amplifier and a custom built bi-amplifed  Audiophile sound system with eight 4" speakers, four best-of-the-best tweeters, and four (count 'em) 12" woofers that also act as our main sub and LFE system when used in conjunction with the NS10s. See our equipment list to learn more about the superb capabilites available when you choose Stoneman Studios for your audio projects.

Isolation Booth

Isolation Room

We have an excellent sounding isolation booth equipped with an XLR patchpay, several spot and mood lighting choices, two HR-6 monitor mixing stations (four headphone outputs) with individual mixing capability, video feeds, a"teleprompter" TV monitor for lyrics, voice overs (allowing for real time changes from the control room) or video synchronization for ADR or video overdubs. There is a large 3'X3' double pane window for visual access to the main recording area. We often put drummers in this area to work in time with singers and soloists or allow a producer to work with a young voice over talent without having to be inside the recording booth. This area is also equipped with two additional HR-6 monitor mixing stations, video feeds, and access to the "teleprompter" TV monitor.

When it comes to great isolation, there isn't any substitute for weight and density. Our booth weighs over 1,000 pounds - it is truly isolation at it's best.

Stoneman Studios San Francisco Bay Area Recording Studio roland-ready synthesizer guitar

Control Room Instruments

S80 Yamaha Piano and Roland-Ready Stratocaster

Right in the main control room we planted a beautiful Yamaha S80 full 88-Key piano. This piano feaatures weighted keys and access to our full synthesizer library. You can also use this in conjunction with our Roland-Ready Stratocaster to access the synthesizers to give you every tool imaginable.

Stoneman Studios San Francisco Bay Area Recording Studio artist lounge

Artist Lounge

Artist Lounge

Our comfortable lounge has everything you need to relax, collaborate, listen (full monitoring via headphones or speakers), or rehearse. We also have a private kitchen where you can cook or grab a cold, hot, or room temperature drink.