Friends Of Sam
Sound Restoration
by Stoneman Studios
Winding Clock Productions

Film And Video


Stoneman Studios has done several movie projects, including sound restoration for Friends Of Sam (pictured here) and recording, mixing, music and ADR for Pink. Both productions were produced by Winding Clock Productions.

Onsite recording and mixing, boom and wireless lavaliers, post production, sound design and sound effects, ambience, ADR, and music composition, arranging, and mixing are just some of the features available to you when you choose us for your next film project.




Numerous video projects have been recorded and mixed at Stoneman Studios. Recent projects include an extensive sound restoration project for NVIDIA Corporation (click on image above for link), several voice over videos for NVIDIA, a mobile audio (phone) for Apptera Corporation, and a video project utilizing original music and voice over for a Touchstone Home Products commercial. Our services also include access to a talented videographer, Joe McCloud. Joe is available for both SD and HD video projects.

Post production for video and audio can be quickly completed at Stoneman Studios. We guarantee a final product you will be happy to distribute professionally or to family and friends.We have hardware and software that are chock full of the best post-production effects, including CB Radio, Cellular Phone, Long Distance, Random Dialer, Off Hook, Traffic Report, Megaphone, Public Address, Airplane Background, Jet Flybys, Tank Attack, Mortar Shells, TV In the Next Room. We also have precision delays for multichannel video post applications, and tools specifically designed to facilitate 5.1 frame rate conversion and its associated problem of pitch correction.

Joe McCloud
Working in the Control Room
at Stoneman Studios