Arranging And Composition


We have the capability to create arrangements in any style for virtually any size or type of ensemble. For small and mid-sized groups we can also record in the Stoneman Studios facility. For larger orchestras we can contract to larger halls and rooms. Our field recording capabilities are excellent so we can rent a hall and record your arrangement on site.

On staff, Tom Stoneman is an experienced arranger and can do arrangements quickly for most projects. We also have partners and local arrangers that specialize in certain styles and ensembles. Give us your requirements and budget and we will create something great for you.

Original Composition

Tom has won numerous awards for large scale compositions and is available to write music for any style or purpose. We also partner with several national studios such as Ladkau Music & Recording and many artists and composers. In addition, we have local access to large libraries of reasonably priced arrangements, compositions, and pre-recorded music from companies such as Stephen Arnold Music. Generally, we will have a meeting with you to discuss your project prior to preparing demos or quotations. Stop in for a free consultation and we'll have play examples, listen to some library tracks, and maybe plug in a guitar or synthesizer to come up with some ideas. It's all about the project.