Field And Mobile Recording


We produce high quality and reliable recordings of concerts and performances in virtually any hall or venue. High resolution uncompressed audio files in stereo or surround are captured using the best microphones and preamplifiers. Post production and mixing is done in the main Stoneman Studios control room. Our wide selection of superp reverb, dynamics, and equalizers will add the final touch to your performance for a top of the line final production you'll be proud to distribute.

Video Auditions And Demos
Many music and performance schools require video as well as professional audio for their remote auditions. We will help you choose a venue, capture your performance in the highest possible resolution, and edit, mix and produce your video to the highest standards. Tom Stoneman has two degrees from the prestigious Cleveland Institute Of Music and he understands the importance of presenting your performance with high impact and polish.

Video And Film
We offer a full range of services for your next video or film production. In the field, we can mix and record four channels to separate tracks or using techniques such as M/S recording. Booms, wireless lavalier, shotgun and ambient omnidirectional microphones are all available to make your next project sound its best. We're adventurous and we'll try almost anything. Post production and ADR are also available at the Stoneman Studios control room.