Voice Overs

Michelle M. Brown
Recording a voice over
at Stoneman Studios



We offer a wide variety of local and national talent for you to audition. In the next few weeks we will launch our talent search which will let you listen to demo reels and choose online as well. Whatever you need for your project, we'll help you find it.

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Rock Band

We love working with bands of all sizes and levels and we especially love to make your band sound it's best. We'll take the time to set up the right microphones in the right places for your drummer, guitar amps, and whatever else you bring. While our studio is perfect for hip hop artists and smaller ensembles, we are fully capable of recording any size band. We have rehearsal and stage areas nearby and we can record you remotely with final overdubs at the studios..

Here are a few tips we've compiled over the years to help you be fully prepared so you can hit the ground playing:

1. Be prepared. Practice, practice, practice

2. Be sharp and have a great attitude

3. New strings, new heads, tune the instruments (including drums)

4. Know your limitations

5. Be willing to work with the engineer(s) and producer

Solo Artists

Alison Lewis 2006

Numerous artists have come to us with just a few chords on the guitar, some lyrics on a napkin, and some idea of a melody. We can turn that into a beautiful voice and guitar song or a full blown production with brass and backup singers. We work with you and help inspire you to be your best. We can lay down great guitar, bass, piano, or drum tracks for you, or produce your own performance and sit with you in the control room while we edit and mix.

Raw and unadultrated, or fully produced to the gills, it's your music and we'll help you make it sound great.


Steinberg Wavelab 8.5

Wavelab, our Eventide H8000, the T.C. Electronics FireworX, M3000, and Finalizer 96K, racks of synthesizers and gigabytes of loops and synthesizer and loop software, and some of the most interesting boutique vintage pieces you can find anywhere - these are just some of the tools we use for post-production work. Adding sound effects or a sound track to video, games, or film are things we have a passion for doing well. Tell us what you need, we'll make it happen.


Automated Dialogue Replacement and Overdubs

ADR Session

Although ADR is usually a last resort, it seems to happen more often than not. Whether you need to simply change a few words or re-record a full scene, we can accommodate the director and actors with a large television monitor as well as teleprompter and video feeds to make the process go smoothly. We even have an 8' X 4' white board visible from the isolation booth just in case you need to draw it out. Once tracking is complete, adding ambience and reverb is naturally accomplished using two of the best reverb processors availabe in the industry, the Eventide H8000 and the T.C. Electronics M3000.


Touchstone Whisper Lift

Sometimes you just want voice, sometimes you want music mixed with voice, sometimes you need that something extra. Whatever your team decides your commecial needs, we will work to the ends of the earth to make sure it exceeds whatever you may have expected.



Audio Logos and Sonic Signatures

Audio Logo

Short 2.6 second sound bites can give your company or brand an identity that will have a much deeper impact. It is a proven fact that a company or brand delivered sonically reaches a place in the brain that visual stimulation doesn't touch. We'll work with you to create a sound or tune that is relevant to your business, easy to remember, and something that has that hook to grab your customer's attention. It's also a lot of fun to create these!

Sound Restoration

Bias Soundsoap Pro

We can sometimes perform miracles. Other times, we'll just make it sound a whole lot better. We've fixed problems ranging from hours of university lectures recorded with handheld microphones - sometimes in different parts of a hall - to classical recordings performed in less than ideal concert halls. Using tools such as Bias Soundsoap Pro, Steinberg Nuendo Sound Restoration plugins, and hardware magic such as our SPL Transient Designer (that can actually "remove" reverb), we will most often turn horror into delight. Bring it.